October 14, 2014 Day 266 of the Sixth Year - History

October 14, 2014 Day 266 of the Sixth Year - History

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President Barack Obama bids farewell to Iraqi Army General Babakir Zebari after a meeting at Joint Base Andrews, Md., with more than 20 foreign chiefs of defense to discuss the coalition efforts in the ongoing campaign against ISIL, Oct. 14, 2014.

11:40AM THE PRESIDENT departs the White House

South Lawn

11:55AM THE PRESIDENT departs Joint Base Andrews

PDT  2:00PM THE PRESIDENT arrives Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles International Airport

2:45PM THE PRESIDENT tours the co-working space at Cross Campus Santa Monica, California

3:05PM THE PRESIDENT participates in a town hall with members of the Cross Campus community Cross Campus, Santa Monica, California

5:55PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks and answers questions at a DNC event

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