Radio Goliard [s]: history of immigration (06/28)

Radio Goliard [s]: history of immigration (06/28)

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After Lorànt Deutsch's Metronome, the French Revolution and places of power in cities, Radio Goliard [s] will be devoted on June 28 (4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.) to the history of immigration: William blanc and Aurore Chery will welcome to talk about this subject which is debating two of the pioneers of this recent specialty in French historiography: - Gerard Noiriel, director of studies at EHESS, author of "Le Creuset français. History of immigration (XIXth - XXth century)", 1988. - Philippe Rygiel, lecturer at Paris 1, author in particular of "Le Temps des migrations blancs", 2010.

In particular, they will discuss the controversies around the National Identity and the National City of the history of immigration, but also the historiography of this recent specialty and the complexities of immigration. Because it is necessary to put the term in the plural. Between the Auvergne, the Belgians (worker immigration par excellence) of the beginning and the end of the 19th century, and North African immigration of the 20th century, there are divergences, but also possible connections and comparisons. Reunification strategy, "integration" strategy, individual and collective paths, xenophobias, repression and struggles are all problems that the program will try to tackle with to illustrate it with commented maps but also two pieces of music: "Ma France "by Jean Ferrat, and" Douce France "from the Carte de Séjour group.

To listen to the program live: Radio Libertaire on frequency 89.4, or on the Internet.

The Goliard [s] site also puts podcasts online after broadcast.

Video: How Immigrants Shaped the United States. Nalini Krishnankutty. TEDxPSU


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